• FAQ

    FAQ = A Skylight is often referred to as a window in your roof bringing the gift of natural light into any dark and gloomy room.

  • Is there a Garron Skylight to suit my roof?

    The Garron Skylight comes in a full range to suit all different roofing types (Tiles…C, G, Iron….Decking)

  • What is my Skylight made of?

    The Skylight consists of two separate section; one being the dome top: consisting of 3.17mm high impact resistant low profile acrylic dome. The second section called the soaker tray; consisting of 0.6g galvanised steel frame and soaker.

  • How does my Skylight work?

    The Skylight is positioned on your roof with the opal dome facing upwards so that the full light can be captured down the highly reflective shaft to the diamond prismatic light diffuser where it is then refracted from one prism to the other thus magnifying the initial light brightening the whole room.

  • Will my Skylight discolor or crack after years of weathering?

    No…. Because the Garron Skylight is UV treated, and we back that up with a full 7 year guarantee that covers all materials and workmanship.

  • Can I install the Skylight myself?

    The Garron Skylight is easily installed by following the simple DIY instructions.

  • Can I have the Garron Skylight installed by experts?

    Yes…… We can arrange to have our representative call on you for a free measure and quotation and fully installed by our expert fully qualified installers.